Episode 2


SJX's watch URWERK UR-103



"The UR-103 is a futuristic timepiece. Its almost rectangular, solid gold case is wrought from a block of the precious metal. The design is completely different from the previous watches. The aerodynamic cross - section of an idealized wing profile is a work of figurative art in itself. It is true to the archaic principle of tracing exact time simply by the path travelled by a single pointer".

Martin Frei

I first got interested in watches in the late 1990's. From there I start learning about them. It was at the moment the Urwerk 103 was introduced and it was so incredibly cool! Back then, it was outrageous but also extraordinary too. At that time, all of the collectors I looked up to had one, which was another plus for me.

Although I later discovered the time display was a reinterpretation of the wandering hours, I still found the 103 a remarkable piece of design and construction that is both avant-garde, functional and coherent.

There are several 103s I love, like the brown-purple TiAlN or the platinum Hexagon. However, 103.01 is extra special; it is not only unusual looking but also the first of the series!