Episode 8


Ragnar's watch URWERK UR-CC1



"I am interested in the perception of time. Physicists tell us that time can be warped or stretched, and our daily experiences are with the circular cycles of the days, seasons and years. But I am also intrigued that time can be ordered, even straitjacketed, to flow in a linear direction - a straight line from the past, through the present, to the future. And, because this can represent an individual’s lifeline, I feel that this linear format can be a very human way to look at time. That plus the fact that I think it looks really cool!"

Martin Frei

I first encountered URWERK when the Opus 5 came out. I instantly fell in love with the piece but at that time, it was out of my reach. But I was hooked and started researching everything I could find on the web about the men behind URWERK. I obtained information on Felix, Martin and the brand they had created, I also got to see the UR-103 soon after. It was the time when I had started my own company and anything from URWERK was still out of my reach ...

With time my business became successful and it was time for me to get my first URWERK. This was the UR-103 Tarantula. Following my purchase I became an active member on the URWERK forum run by Revolution magazine, there I met Ian Skellen and he introduced me to Felix in person, it was a really awesome meeting and I was so honoured that he spent hours to explain his world to me.
At this I added an UR-103 "Hexagon" to my collection rapidly followed by the UR-103 "Shining T" and the UR-103 TiAlN. The last piece to my 103 collection I added a 103 Unique Piece in AlTiN.

I was lucky to meet Martin in Zürich and again I felt like I was visiting a friend and he spent so much time to let me into his world. Subsequently I added a "Master Piece": the CC1 "Cobra" in AlTiN. It is really hard to pick a favourite piece because all these watches are so different and special in their own way but the "Cobra"... well... Maybe it´s my favourite one. The UR-210 AlTiN and the UR-110 PTH were my next additions and I got them together and it was really a sensual overkill. Never buy 2 URWERK at the same time... It really pushes your emotions to the limit. 

I was honoured that Felix and Martin agreed to create a "unique piece" for me based on the UR-105M and that´s it so far for my collection. My collection of 9 URWERK puts a great smile on my face each day! But for me one of the most important elements is that the URWERK team gives me a feeling that I’m visiting close friends whenever we see each other. I never felt like a customer...