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Founded on the belief that what you put in and on your body today can help you lead a healthier lifestyle tomorrow.

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It’s with this mission Sudzly seeks out, tests and curates only the finest of items to deliver to your mailbox each month. With products that are 100% essential oil based, we’re confident that the bath and body treats you find inside your Sudzly subscription boxes not only smell and feel great- but leave your body better than before.

About The Owner

Holly Roper bought the Sudzly brand in April of 2018 after falling in love years before with the mission to bring sustainable and all-natural artisanal bath products to women that enjoy- and deserve- only the most luxurious of products.

As a dedicated and hard working mother of two herself, Holly intimately understands the need for all women to take care of themselves so they can feel rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed after a long day. With family allergies, ingredient intolerances and dermatological issues stemming from many over the counter bath and body items, Holly felt passionately that she needed to provide something better for her family and herself. In 2013 she started making all-natural soaps, lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, bath bombs and other items to give her family as a healthy, all-natural, non-toxic option for bath and body care products.

After creating her all-natural, luxurious bath and body items she quickly saw how her family was benefiting from the elimination of dangerous preservatives, dyes, petroleum-based items, and known carcinogens rampant in most commercial bath and body items. Feeling strongly that toxins should not be in self-care items- as they do more harm than good- the decision was simple when Sudzly became available for purchase in April of 2018.

Now with the ability to expand delivery of luxurious, good-for-you items made without harmful ingredients- and instead derived from natural plants, essential oils, clays, and minerals- Holly is proud of the Sudzly brand and the possibilities for women to truly experience self-care the way it should be.

She knows that you’re worth it, naturally!