By now, you know how over-the-moon we are here at Sudzly about all-natural soap bars.

Hands down they’re better for your skin and body, leaving you nourished instead of dried out—and well, slightly contaminated. Not to mention they’re absolutely stunning and the natural fragrances are in a league of their own compared to synthetically scented soaps.

All that aside… the question we often get is “how do we make the soap bars last longer?”

We get it! We love each and every one of the all-natural soaps we come across—and we want to make them last, too! Whether you’re making your own or buying from an artisan vendor, here are our top 4 tips for getting the most from your favorite all-natural soap bars…

Add Some Loving to It

Bars with a little bit of added beeswax or pure salt will be harder than other soaps, resulting in a slower breakdown. Only a little bit goes a long way. We think these natural ingredients are infinitely better than the detergent additives used to make commercial soaps last longer. Don’t you agree?

Indulge in Oils

Specifically harder oils.

What does this mean? “Hard Oils” simply refers to those that take on a firmer or solid state at room temperatures. This can include oils such as coconut oil or palm. Other oils, such as olive oil—while still fantastic for your skin—are considered “softer”.

Adding more oil to the recipe in general results in a firmer, longer-lasting bar. If you’re keen on using products with high amounts of olive oil in it, simply make sure you’re balancing it out; add in other oils that will provide the bar longevity you’re aiming for.

Skip the Puddles

This may seem like a no-brainer but check in the bathrooms of most people you know and you’ll find soap dishes that don’t allow for draining. That’s a big problem when you’re looking to enjoy every last inch of soapy goodness.

Instead, opt for a dish that doesn’t retain water. This allows your bar to dry faster instead of melting away. Plus, it will keep your dish looking cleaner longer—and we think we can all agree that that’s considered a win-win!

Go For the Cure

Curing—aka drying—removes any excess moisture from the bars. While any quality handmade soap will already go through a process of curing, you can opt for a secondary cure, too. Simply remove it from the packaging and let it sit for a few days in a cool, dry area. The longer the cure, the less likely the crumble!