You likely know peppermint best for the sweet, minty flavor of your favorite chewing gum, ice cream or mouthwash. But did you know that it actually works wonders for your insides as well?

In fact, more and more people are keeping this essential oil in their medicine cabinets, turning to peppermint oil to help soothe their upset stomachs. While highly concentrated—as all oils are—a little goes a long way with peppermint oil. Only 2-3 drops and you’ll quickly find relief from an unfortunate bout with nausea, IBS or indigestion.

What else does peppermint oil help?

While the list can go on and on—likely why peppermint is one of the most frequently purchased oils—we think these are some of the best uses to get you started:

  • Headaches/ Muscle Aches: Feeling pained? Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties of peppermint oil, you can use it to relieve pain and muscle cramps. Try rubbing 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil on your sore muscles or temples at the onset of pain.
  • Stress: Similar to the ways you would use it for headaches, you can mix peppermint with other helpful oils, such as lavender, and rub on your temples, forehead, neck, and ears. This will help alleviate stress—and even lift the spirits. If you have a diffuser, put a few drops in there, as well, to enjoy the scent throughout your entire home.
  • Bug Bites: Peppermint oil has a two-part job when it comes to bug bites: first repel; secondly, soothe. To try to avoid the bug bites altogether, make a natural, homemade repellent using water, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, and citronella oil. If some bugs are too stubborn for this spray and sneak a few bites anyway, the properties in peppermint oil will help to soothe the accompanying itch.
  • Colds and Congestion: Something seems familiar here, right? Likely so if you’ve ever used Vick’s VapoRub to clear your congestion before. A few drops of peppermint oil on your chest, in a diffuser or in a steamy bowl of water will help you breathe in this powerhouse plant.

Powerhouse indeed it is!

While these are the go-to homeopathic uses for peppermint oil, they certainly don’t stop there. Household cleaning, dandruff, stinky trash cans, pesky ants, and more are responsible for the popularity of this oil. Keep it handy—you never know when a few drops here and there will make all the difference.